August version

The content is a copy of the official site and although some links will take you there, it is not possible for changes made here to alter the official site in any way.

You will have received instructions of how to unlock dojo officer’s features. Some of the changes are that content that was in the membership area is now accessible here, but only if the user has logged in.

Please email webmaster with comments, suggestions and queries.

June version (now withdrawn)

It is hopefully easier to find the content you were looking for!

The membership area where you book your events and renew your membership are still the same as before. Just the button is in a different place.

Posts have been separated by bu and now each bu has a clearly visible menu. The content which is common to all is now separated to the “Central Services” section.

If are viewing the site on a wide screen then there is an alternative layout for the front page. Hopefully you can also read the content even if you are using your phone with a narrow screen width.

Feel free to send your comments, both positive and negative are welcome. If you notice there are spelling mistakes or find places where bad grammar has been used, please let me know. The same goes for links that do not work.

If you are reporting issues with layout then please state the device used so that it can be checked.